Our Story

The Megg & Ko Story: Elegance Born from Resilience

In a world that felt uncertain, we yearned for something dependable, something more than just a piece of clothing. Thus, Megg & Ko was born amidst the global turbulence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A Sanctuary in Every Stitch

The journey began in a small studio, where we committed ourselves to create not just garments, but sartorial sanctuaries. Megg & Ko specialises in small-batch, bespoke pieces designed to envelop you in a sense of comfort and luxury.

Empowerment through Expression

We don't just create clothes; we kindle self-expression. Each thread, each stitch, is a statement of who you are and who you aspire to be. At Megg & Ko, we believe in the transformative power of individuality, celebrating the unique essence of each person who wears our garments.

The Spirit of Megg & Ko

Behind the name lies a tale of emotional resilience and unconditional love. "Megg & Ko" is a tribute to a very special animal that stood as a beacon of hope during the toughest of times.

Just as that beloved dog provided comfort and companionship when it was most needed, our garments strive to offer you a similar embrace—a luxurious hug, imbued with elegance and grace, that you can wear every day.

Today, Megg & Ko stands as a testament to enduring style and high-quality craftsmanship. As you don our latest creation—the Dachshund Timeless Crew or any other piece from our carefully curated collections—know that you're not just wearing a garment.

We’d love you to join our Megg & Ko family today 🙂